Harry Potter by the Bay

As you all know by now, we love Harry Potter. We're sure you also know, that we love attending concerts at the San Diego Symphony year-round. Getting to watch our third Harry Potter film concert, "The Goblet of Fire," was absolutely incredible. Not only is the orchestra music amazing, but being outside and right next to the water is always an incredible experience. We are always recommending the symphony to our friends, because it is definitely one of the best things to do in San Diego!

We were able to get a table with seats for this performance, which made it really special for us. Although we love the picnic seats, the table seats were a fun change! The Bayside Summer Nights concerts have just begin so go before Summer ends!!

Our outfits are from one of our favorite boutique stores here in North County, San Diego, named Liv 3. We love that three sisters own and run the store and sell the cutest clothes and goodies. We felt that these crisp white and pastel colors were perfect for this outdoor, summer event! These gaucho pants with flowy fabrics made for the most comfortable- yet cute outfits.

Yacht fixed 1.jpg
Yacht Fixed 2.jpg
boat fixed 1.jpg
Boat fixed 2.jpg
Boat fixed 3.jpg

xx M&M