Estancia La Jolla Staycation

We absolutely loved our stay at the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla!

Although our stay-cation was only for a weekend, we had the best time! The Estancia has the most wonderful, calming ambiance. We were able to relax from the time we got there to when we left. The overall Mediterranean decor is so beautiful, we felt like we were in another country even though we were still so close to home. The staff are all so nice and friendly, we felt so comfortable in our room, the lobby, the restaurants, and pool areas. Taking photos around the Hotel was so fun because every corner is so picturesque!

From breakfast in bed, to relaxing by the pool, The Estancia was the perfect place for us to feel like we were on vacation, while still being able to work on our blog! We definitely recommend that you stay at Estancia for an amazing and relaxing getaway!

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xx M&M