Beach Hangout with Red Bull Organics

Having the opportunity to work with Organics by Red Bull was so amazing! Pitching this beach-tent idea was accepted because we knew it would be a hit with our friends, family, and fellow bloggers. Since the color scheme was beach-neutrals, we knew the soda can colors would pop out for passerby's.  It was such a beautiful, relaxing evening, we think everyone who came had a great time. The ocean was our backdrop and view for our photos and throughout the night. 

RBO 1.jpg
RBO 4.jpg
RBO 5.jpg

"ORGANICS by Red Bull are made with ingredients from natural sources and certified organic in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program, and come in four distinctive varieties. ORGANICS by Red Bull are refreshing beverages, not energy drinks. ORGANICS Simply Cola contains caffeine in amounts similar to other conventional cola beverages, while the other ORGANICS products are caffeine-free. "The end result is four distinct, great tasting, and refreshing organic sodas made with ingredients from natural sources for your enjoyment: Simply Cola, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, and Tonic Water. ("

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Although we do not drink too much soda, we absolutely love ORGANICS. The unique flavors, cool cans, and overall purpose for the drinks are so fun! We definitely recommend trying these drinks for a refreshing Summer drink!

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