Maui Family Vacation (& Travel Guide)

Our family has not taken a vacation together in so many years, that’s why we were so excited for this trip to Maui, Hawaii! We could all be together in one place for a week!

From boat rides to snorkeling, and luaus to family photos, we used the most of our time while in Hawaii. Our Instagram highlight reel from our trip shows all the spots we went to and restaurants we ate at! We stayed at the Condos- which were absolutely amazing because they are bigger than a hotel, and yet still made you feel like you were at a resort! Hawaii in October is beautiful, it’s not too hot but not cold either, we’ve only ever gone to Hawaii during the Summer months, so this was new for us.

( All of the outfits from this trip are linked and tagged on our Instagram account! Please visit for reference )

We had the best time during our week-long stay, and are hoping that this trip becomes a family tradition for us!

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xx M&M