Graceful Lace

Words can't describe how much we love these photos that we took with Rosalinda, our sweet photographer, for these Chicwish looks. This is the second time shooting together, and each time seems to get better and better. The location we chose was the Rose Garden at Balboa Park in San Diego and it matched the vibe we were going for perfectly!

If there's one thing we love in a dress, it is lace! Lace brings out the grace and femininity in any clothing piece. The white and red contrast between the dresses we wore compliments the rose garden and colors. We hope you love these photos as much as we do! Shop similar dresses to ours with the links below, happy shopping!

Similar lace dresses from Chicwish are listed below: (Click the Links)

White Midi Dress                        Black Asymmetrical Dress                       Red Lace Dress    

Red Sheer Lace Dress               White Cross-Back Lace Dress

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Roses in the Garden of Life

We love short and printed outfits for Summer and this Tanapama dress and romper are perfect for any occasion. The ruffled dress has a purple rose print all over it, while the romper is off-the-shoulder, with big red roses. They look so cute together that we decided to photograph them in an actual rose garden. We love the shiny fabric because it adds an unexpected shine to the print!

We styled these looks with heeled sandals and our hair back so we could show off all the cute details. Another way to style these would be with flat sandals, a belt, and a light sweater for more coverage. Our looks are both still available in all sizes! Shop these looks and more with the links above, happy shopping!

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And We're Off to The Races

We had the opportunity to attend Opening Day at the Del Mar Races for yet another year! Wearing the perfect occasion dresses from Jarlo London, we loved floating around the venue in these dreamy dresses! The white dress has bows tied up at the shoulder with dreamy chiffon tucked under the lace corset, while the pink dress has romantic ruffles and drapery tied up with a bow around the waist. Click the links to shop the most beautiful Eveningwear from Jarlo London!

Opening day has been an annual tradition for us for the past five years now, and it never fails to impress us. The overall ambiance of the crowds of people being dressed up to the nines wearing fun hats, dresses, and tuxes, we just love the fashion of it all.

Our close friend and photographer, Jessica, shot all our photos for this event. We always have so much fun together whether we're finding the perfect shoot location, people watching, or snow-cone snacking.

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Twirly Skirts & Desert Perks

We absolutely LOVE these amazing sets from Z&L Europe. The crop tops  are so cute with the off-the-shoulder cut and pom poms lining the ruffle. The maxi skirts are so comfortable with the slit up front and super lightweight fabric. We wore these sets to Arizona, where it was over 110 degrees and these outfits looked and felt like a dream!

We love anything that creates movement-especially for our photos. We whirled and twirled these skirts and had a blast doing it! Our location was at The Pointe Hilton in Phoenix, Arizona. The desert colors of our outfits matched the hotel's ambiance and created the most perfect photos!

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5-Way Hankerchief Scarf Styling

We love to accessorize our looks using a cute handkerchief scarf! It seems everyone is styling their scarves in so many different ways this summer, so we decided to show you some great and unexpected ways to style yours!

Below, we are wearing ZARA dresses and Public Desire, strappy heels.

Below are five different ways to style any handkerchief scarf! (See photos below)

1.) Hair tie: Tie in a bow, or wrap around a ponytail.

2.) Purse Accessory: Add some color to your bag by tying it around a handle.

3.) Wrist Band: Tie it around your wrist for an unexpected accessory.

4.) Headband: Wrap and tie around your head to pull hair back.

5.) Bun Accessory: Wrap around your bun for a unique hairstyle.

Have fun styling! (To scroll, click the picture on the right)

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Gingham, Lace & Introvert Grace

( Insight from true introverts )

We love this newest gingham print trend! What a fun, summer print that looks chic and cute on everyone! Find these amazing outfits all from Chicwish!

With this post, we wanted to talk about something a little more personal to us. This subject revolves around us being introverts. Everyone know the difference between an introvert and an extrovert, but we've written up a few things that we have come to understand over the last few years. In graduate school, for our MBA, we had to take multiple tests to better understand our personality so that we could be good managers in a professional setting. After each test, time and time again, we ranked to be true introverts.

Sometimes we feel like we are not understood, and in some ways, even misunderstood. Being an introvert does not mean that we are anti-social, it just means that we are socially stimulated differently than extroverts.

It's sometimes hard to understand us because we take things so internally- that means from what we process all the way to what we feel (emotionally). In some ways, it may even make us feel more than most because everything is felt internally, not expressed outwardly in any way. From an outward perspective, some people may take this as being distant or unapproachable. If you want to get to know an introvert, be persistent, be patient, we like to think it'll be worth the wait ;)

For extroverts, introverts seem quiet and shy, and this is can be true, but often it's just that we process things internally which is the opposite of what an extrovert does. We (introverts) feel stressed when around lots of people or are pressured to socialize when in the midst of a big gathering. This is often the way that extroverts get their energy from, when they are around lots of people is when they feel comfortable.

Some people are extroverted-introverts, for example, they don't shut down when they're in huge crowds or are around a lot of people, but still need their individual space. 

Often times, introverts enjoy being alone, however, in our case, we grew up always being together- (being twins, someone is always around) so we don't need alone time all too much. As a result, this is why we do better in smaller groups, or one-on-one. This has caused us to be extremely loyal to the ones who are closest to us.

We felt the need to share this post because we have learned so much about ourselves being introverts, and hope that it can bring some insight to some of you as well.

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Shop our Looks Below                                                Shop Similar Styles Below

White Lace Crop Top                                                 White Crochet Top

Black Lace Crop Top                                                  Black Lace Tank Top

Gingham Skirt (in Red)                                               Gingham A-Line Skirt (in Red)

Basic Finds

Being a tourist in our own city for the day, we explored all that downtown San Diego has to offer. From delicious donuts, coffee, and lunch, to walking around SeaPort Village, we had the best day! These comfy maxi dresses from Forever 21 were perfect to wear and looked cute at the same time! We paired them with our Public Desire strappy sandals and monogramed clutches from Mon Purse to create this perfect summer look! Shop our whole look with the links provided!

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Retro Vibes

We absolutely love these looks from Chicwish. The A-Line skirts are so flattering on every figure and the preppy, yet retro theme of these outfits is so fun for Springtime. Shooting again at the U.S. Grant Hotel, the penthouse suite had the perfect décor while the warm tones of the room really compliment our outfits. We will definitely be wearing these skirts all year-long, because they are the perfect colors, length, and the belt creates an amazing silhouette. The ZARA pumps are a great height because they can be worn all day and for any occasion.

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Romping Around

Wearing these beautiful, white and black chiffon rompers for our shoot at the U.S. Grant Hotel, we love the way these photos turned out! Alongside fellow blogger, Katherine, we got to go to the penthouse suite and shoot in what once was the Radio room for the entire hotel back in the 1960s. We love that these neutral, ruffled rompers perfectly matched this room's elegance and quirkiness!

These rompers can easily be taken from a day-to-night look, because they are so versatile in the colors, length, and silhouette. Shop these rompers with the links above, you won't regret it!

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Two-Year Blogiversary

It was our Insta-Blog's two-year anniversary a couple weeks ago, so we wanted to write a little bit about why we started! As we have stated in the About section of our blog, one of our most asked questions (besides the perpetual twin questions) is about our clothes and where we like to shop. During our college undergrad years, we were asked by classmates and other random students to start a blog featuring our "daily outfits." Our daily outfit posts have turned into so much more today. We now feature campaigns with styled photoshoots, beauty posts, our fitness regimen, along with our ootd (outfits of the day).

Almost every single day, we get Instagram DM's asking about how we style our hair, which restaurant or store we were at, etc. Being able to interact with our followers and having them be inspired by us never gets old. We love being able to collaborate with companies, create content, and style our outfits to how we would wear them in actuality.

Watching our blog grow and meeting so many new people and fashion influencers who inspire us every day has been amazing! Since we were little girls, fashion has always been a passion of ours. not only do we like to wear and promote other company's clothes, but we have been motivated to create our own clothing label, { as much again }. 

Being here in beautiful Boise, ID for a week and being with our newborn baby niece, has been incredible. We have loved every moment spending time with our niece, nephew and family. We took some photos lounging in these cute and comfy LuLu's dresses because they have just perfectly matched our mood these last few days.

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All Wrapped Up

The owners of two San Diego storefronts, Mimi & Red, are "old friends, like sisters," who love helping someone find that special something to brighten their day. We love their motto and mission to make everyday life a little more beautiful.

When we saw these coordinating wrap-dresses at the store, we fell in love! Like DVF says, wrap dresses are one of the most flattering silhouettes a woman can wear. Wearing these dresses to dinner in La Jolla, right by the ocean, was the perfect outfit choice. We strongly encourage you to visit their stores or even shop online for the newest and cutest clothes on the market!

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Bohemian Rays and a Maxi Craze

We love maxi dresses, especially these beautiful bohemian LuLu's ones, because they are so easy to put on and instantly make us feel great! Maxis are a staple for us pretty much year-round, because of the many ways they can be styled.

Celebrating Easter day with our family, we went to one of our favorite restaurants where we enjoyed a three-course meal. We knew these dresses were a hit after receiving several compliments from people wanting to know where they were from. Although they are different shades of white, these dresses are each gorgeous and perfect for springtime. The all white maxi dress has flowing boho sleeves with tasseled ties, while the flowered maxi dress has beautiful ruffles along the bottom. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter day spent with family and friends!

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A Weekend Picnic!

We planned a mini picnic to go along with the theme of these gorgeous, springy rompers from Necessary Clothing. Lately, this weather has been the most perfect picnicking weather, so we decided to document our day! We went to Kit Carson Park and wore this white, tasseled romper and pink, butterfly romper, that are the most beautiful rompers we have ever worn. We love clothes that have something unexpected, and these rompers do just that. Shop these and more with the links above, happy shopping!

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Springtime Maxis

We have always loved Springtime because of all the blooming flowers and beautiful colors of nature everywhere. These TRN Maxi dresses give us that same feeling of 'Spring in the air' when we look at them. Their bright colors, prints, and flowy fabric are perfect for any Spring day. The designer behind the brand derived her designs from a California lifestyle heritage, along with her experience styling celebrities and doing philanthropic work. We love that this brand is all about taking California customs and culture and reincorporating them into a new, modern conception.

We shot these looks at Ocean Beach, San Diego, where we could capture the perfect SoCal vibe that we love and completely represents the brand. The green printed maxi has a beautiful leafed print with high, flowing slits up the dress. The pink maxi is the most beautiful color with long flowing sleeves. These maxis are the perfect dresses to wear to almost any occasion!

Photography: Jessica LeeAnn Walker

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Ruffled Layers

These ruffled dresses from Chicwish are perfect for Spring time. The pastel colors of these dresses are so feminine and can be worn so many different ways. We layered them on top of and underneath a blouse, but they would look so cute with a lightweight sweater, or even just on their own.

We shot these looks in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, because we really like the white walls of this building. The details of the dresses really pop when photographed in front of this blank background. The ruffles on both dresses makes the overall look so chic and girly. Shop this white and pink dress or similar styles with these links!

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Dress the Population x "Charity Dress"

 Dress the Population, is one of our favorite brands for many reasons. Not only are their dresses beautiful, but they give back. With their motto as "We are not your typical clothing brand, we want to change the world one dress at a time," it is clear they want to make an impact. A dress from their most recent collection, the Heather Midi Dress, is chosen and 50% of its proceeds from their website are donated to The HALO Foundation. We absolutely love companies that think philanthropically and care about others, this is why we want to spread the word!

Shop this dress with the links above, it can be worn and styled so many different ways, it really is one of the most versatile and well-made dresses we own.

Photography by: Jessics LeeAnn

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Fedra Boutique and Sun Streaks

The beach is one of our favorite locations to shoot. For us, it will always be a place of relaxation and serenity. Shooting with one of our best friends and best photographers, Jessica LeeAnne, she was able to capture the exact golden-hour ambiance that we love so much!

These amazing outfits from Fedra Boutique stole our hearts the way they photographed with the sun and wind. Fedra sells the most beautiful dresses and summer essentials for any woman. We had a difficult time just choosing the items we did, because they all are so romantic.

 Fedra Boutique  is the perfect place to shop for summer essentials. Since we near the beach, we live in clothes like these because they are perfect to dress-up or down for any occasion. Shop the links to all four of these looks at the end of the post.

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Brunch and Booties

A simple, delicious brunch with cute, comfortable booties makes for the perfect morning! Brunching at "Thyme in the Ranch," in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, is always one of our favorite things to do. Not only is this quaint restaurant so adorable, but they have the best food (food meaning pastries) haha! FYI their cinnamon rolls are the best we've ever had!

The weather has been so nice, Spring seems to have come early for us San Diegans! Pulling out our Spring wardrobe includes Spring footwear.  We wore our favorite booties we have ever owned from Donald J. Pliner. Not only do the colors match everything we own, but the heel is the perfect height, and are super comfortable. The natural color and the rose color are so neutral that we have pretty much worn them with everything! We recommend getting these booties to wear everyday for every season.

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Harry Potter Film Concert Series (San Diego Symphony)

If you know us, then you know we love Harry Potter. We were so excited to be invited to the San Diego Symphony to have a fun-filled night of Harry Potter. It was amazing to hear and watch the music live from the first Harry Potter movie, "The Sorcerer's Stone." The San Diego symphony was so beautiful, we were sitting in the second row right in front of the orchestra where we could easily watch both the symphony and the film being played right before us. The soundtrack was so beautiful and brought back so many good memories of growing up with the Harry Potter series in our lives. We highly recommend seeing this show if you're a Harry Potter fan, or even if you are not, there are so many other wonderful upcoming events at the San Diego Symphony. Being able to watch and listen to such captivating music is always an incredible experience for us that we never forget.

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AlbionFit Tropical Escapade!

Every time we put on an AlbionFit swimsuit, we feel like we're about to go on an adventure. Their swimwear is so comfortable, sometimes we like to wear them as part of our outfit. We added these Windsor crop tops over our swimsuits because we love the way they add to the overall ambiance of this shoot. We were shooting in the mist in Del Mar, San Diego, while a storm was brewing. The mystical, tropical background really made these swimsuits pop!

We chose the Laguna Swimsuit and the Waikiki Swimsuit, because they look so cute together and coordinate with the tropical theme of our shoot and location. We really love one-piece swimsuits, not only because they are super on-trend, but because they are so comfortable.

Use our code: { DalyDose } to receive 15% off of anything from their website!

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