AlbionFit Tropical Escapade!

Every time we put on an AlbionFit swimsuit, we feel like we're about to go on an adventure. Their swimwear is so comfortable, sometimes we like to wear them as part of our outfit. We added these Windsor crop tops over our swimsuits because we love the way they add to the overall ambiance of this shoot. We were shooting in the mist in Del Mar, San Diego, while a storm was brewing. The mystical, tropical background really made these swimsuits pop!

We chose the Laguna Swimsuit and the Waikiki Swimsuit, because they look so cute together and coordinate with the tropical theme of our shoot and location. We really love one-piece swimsuits, not only because they are super on-trend, but because they are so comfortable.

Use our code: { DalyDose } to receive 15% off of anything from their website!

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MARGE silk slip dresses

"Founded in 2014 by Kaersten Cooper, MARGE is the first and only luxury clothing and accessories brand exclusively designed for the tall, sophisticated, stylish, modern woman ("

We love that MARGE offers the highest quality clothing, finest materials and fabrics on the market. These silk, midi-slip dresses we are wearing are exquisite for any occasion! We absolutely love the high slits, the way they flow when we walk, and the colors they come in. Shop the Peach and Gray slip dresses with these direct links.

This was a fun shoot where we made the best of the foggy day we were having. Shooting in La Jolla, San Diego, is always so beautiful and fun! After the shoot, we walked over and brunched at the restaurant inside The Valencia Hotel. It's always fun when we can make a day out of a shoot while we are on location.

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Birthday Weekend!

Being twins, we have always shared our birthday. People ask us all the time if we like sharing a birthday? And our response is always, "We don't know anything different." Since we share most things, it doesn't seem odd to us that we need to share the limelight for our special day. In fact, we feel that it makes it that much more special to share it with your best friend.

We went to Hollywood, Los Angeles, to celebrate our birthday for the weekend. We've always wanted to visit Harry Potter Land in Universal Studios, so that's what we did! Harry Potter has always been one of our favorite book series, movies, and characters. We had so much fun exploring the theme park and drinking butter beer - which is super yummy!

We wore the cutest outfits for our birthday dinner at a delicious sushi restaurant. We love the way they match one another with the high neckline and short length. Wild Dove, an adorable boutique down in the heart of San Diego, sells the cutest clothes. All of the brands they sell have originated here in California. Shop our looks and check out their website, Wild Dove Boutique.

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Chicwish Cozies

We love the quality and trendy clothes that Chicwish always offers. Since San Diego seems to be having a coldish winter, we recently got four sweaters from their online store. We are absolutely in love with them and have been wearing them on repeat! The sweater dresses are the softest fabric and are off-the-shoulder, which we absolutely love. The sweaters are so fun with the reversible twist style that you can wear in the front or in the back. We've styled these sweaters in so many different ways, it's hard to choose our favorite look.

If you sign up for LikeToKnowIt, you can shop these sweaters directly from this link!

Happy Shopping!

Photography: Hannah Swede

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A California Winter!

Although we enjoy the changing of seasons, as SoCal natives, we love our sunny, temperate weather all year long. It's amazing how during our overcast, winter months, the beach sunsets always seem exceptional!

These adorable swimsuits can be found at Laposhe Swim. We love the bright colors and the way they are similar but not exactly the same. Last week we went to the beach with our mom to watch the green flash, and not only did all three of us see the flash right before sunset, but we got to capture these amazing shots as well! We love the way the golden light created shadows on our skin with each angle that we made.

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Work It Out

Based on popular vote, we've decided to outline our workout routine for you all. After finishing up with our Collegiate Track & Field years, we no longer workout every single day, nor have an exact workout routine that is planned out for us. Thus, we have to make due with our memory and rehash what we were taught during our athletic years with our various coaches.

Wearing all Strut-This workout gear in the pictures below, it helps us be more motivated when we wear cute and comfortable active wear while working out! It is good to switch up your workout routine so your muscle memory does not restrict new muscle growth and ability. We try to workout around 2-3 times each week depending on our schedule, but on a typical day, this is our workout routine:

Hill Repeats:

3 sets x 200meters running uphill

1 set x 400meters jog cool-down

Plyo Workout:

3 sets x 10 Squats

2 sets x 20 Jumping Lunges

2 sets x Planks ( Hold for 1+ minute )

1 set x 10 Push-Ups

3 sets x 50 Crunches

We hope this helps you as much as it helps us with our workout goals!

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San Diego Symphony

We were so excited to be invited to the San Diego Symphony this year to watch the "Noel Noel" Holiday Concert. It was incredible to see how the San Diego Master Chorale, San Diego Children's Choir, Conductor Sameer Patel, and Vocalist Brian Stokes Mitchell all perform together to create such a magical, holiday performance. We felt so priviledged to get this opportunity to be at such an amazing concert during such a festive time of year.

Listening to the classic Christmas songs along with the special songs that Brian Stokes performed was a unique mix that we enjoyed very much! It would be so fun to make the San Diego Symphony an annual experience.

With the holidays being so close, this concert got us in such a festive spirit! LuLu's dressed us in  head-to-toe velvet for this special evening. The gorgeous, jewel-toned dresses we wore are similar, but not exactly the same. We loved wearing these navy blue, velvet and burgundy, velvet dresses. Our gorgeous shoes, the Meredith Heels that we wore in both colors, along with our velvet clutches in wine and teal perfectly complimented our outfits.

Symphony 8.png

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"Chicwish traces its beginnings back to the original idea: wish to cater the young generation with a distinct sense of chic style, while keeping with our great quality and affordability. We appreciate vintage-inspired and handmade collections, while establishing our online store as a mecca for those who with an eye for fun fashion (,"

We love working with Chicwish because of the variety of clothes they have. For us, we usually try to coordinate our looks, and Chicwish offers most of their clothes in multiple colors which works perfectly for us! We love the looks we chose, the Lace-up Skirt and Ruffled Blouse in different colors, shop the links if you love them too!

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Rugs USA

"A leader in the rug retail industry since 1998, is dedicated to bringing you high-quality rugs, furniture, and home décor from around the world at rock-bottom prices. With our low-price commitment and dedication to customer service, we aim to make your next rug purchase a pleasant and enjoyable experience ("

We were so excited to pick from the prettiest rugs to decorate our family room with. With their vast selection of rugs, their online store makes it is easy to find exactly what you want! We especially love the rug we choose because of its neutral tones, classic pattern and overall elegant look. This rug goes with everything and can be put in any room and make it look amazing. We got a mat to go under our rug so it will be slip-free and stay exactly where we want it in the room. It was so hard to choose, but we ended up picking the 5' X 8' Beige, Aerial Garnished Medallion Rug.  We also absolutely love the pink, Eternal Palmette Knot Medallion Rug which has such a beautiful design and color palette.


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Dainty Jewells and "How to Layer"

Layering for Different Lengths of Dresses & Skirts

"Dainty Jewell's is about more than just selling beautiful clothing. We are on a mission to provide every woman and girl the opportunity to choose timeless fashions that stay true to her sense of modesty (" We love Dainty Jewell's unique clothes, their soft colors, lacey textures, and feminine details that perfectly fit in with our style.

Layering is one of our favorite fall styles, and we used these basic Dainty Jewell's silhouettes to perfect our looks! To be able to get this "layered look," it all comes down to balance. For us, this includes accessories, colors, textures and the length of each layer that is added.

With a short-length dress or skirt, we tend to pair it with a longer sweater or jacket so the balance of skin-to-fabric ratio is equal. 

For a mid-length dress or skirt, any length of sweater usually will work, especially when paired with a belt to cut the proportions so it doesn't end up an awkward length or silhouette.

For a maxi-type dress or skirt, we usually will pair a cropped sweater, leather jacket, or denim jacket to make the proportions look right and accentuate the length of our legs.

We hope our styling tips for layering all lengths of dresses and skirts is helpful! Shop other cute, layering dresses like these with the link below!

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Luxury Scent Box

Luxury Scent Box makes finding the perfect scent for you, easy and fun!

"Luxury Scent Box is a monthly fragrance subscription site for men and women. It was created to match you with the perfect scent one at a time!" ( We were so excited to choose our favorite scent based on the short scent survey that populates fragrance recommendations selected just for us. We got to choose from hundreds of brands, designers, and scents that we love! This convenient, fun, and helpful subscription makes buying perfume so easy. Not only do you get the perfect amount of perfume each month, but you can change scents from month to month.

We went with Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush by Marc Jacobs and Miss Dior by Christian Dior

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Halloween Sugar Cookies!

A family keepsake for many years, this sugar cookie recipe is the best we have found. Not only does this recipe make perfect looking cookies, but they taste just as amazing. This is our go-to recipe for every holiday and event we have throughout the year.

( Follow the recipe below: )


1 Cup butter (2 Sticks)

3 Cups White Flour

1 tsp. Cream of Tartar

2 Eggs

1Cup White Sugar

1 tsp. Baking Soda

Pinch of Salt

1 tsp. (Vanilla/Lemon/Almond) Extract


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. In a large bowl, thoroughly rube together softened butter, flour, and cream of tartar until texture is somewhat crumbly. Set bowl aside

3. In a smaller bowl, thoroughly beat eggs, sugar, salt, soda and vanilla

4. Pour wet mixture into dry mixture, Thoroughly combine. Roll dough out to approximately 1/4 to 1/8" on moderately floured cutting board. Sprinkle dough lightly with more flour.

5. Bake approximately 8-10 minutes and let cool completely before decorating


Mix powdered sugar, milk, almond extract, milk together until consistency is medium-runny.

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The Tulle Project

"The Tulle Project is more than an online store for skirts. It’s a place for women to look and feel beautiful, feminine, and graceful—and also encouraged, connected, and empowered. Our mission is to help people make meaningful connections, share their stories and equip themselves to be their best ("

Getting this opportunity to inspire and connect other women by wearing these TuTus was a fun concept for us. We have been following Silvana, from The Tulle Project for a while now, and have seen the project grow and succeed. We love any opportunity when we can empower other women-especially through beautiful clothes.

Wearing The Diana Skirt and The Kate Skirt, we love how fun and cute these tulle skirts are!

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YMI Jeans

"YMI has evolved into a nationally recognized lifestyle brand producing the best in junior/young contemporary denim, fashion bottoms and outerwear ("

Wearing the  Junior HyperFlex Heart Yoke Skinny Jeans and the Junior Supersoft Skinny Jeans in Destruction 89 in Clove, we could easily style both YMI jeans from day-to-night looks. Since the colors and styles are so versatile, we were able to create four outfits between us, using the same two pairs of jeans. Growing up, we always had a pair of YMI Jeans in our closet, not only are there so many options and colors, but they are always so comfortable to wear.

Below are the two ways we styled these jeans for the perfect and easy transfer of day-to-night looks.

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Salt & Arrow

"Each item is thoughtfully hand-picked to capture the feelings of vacation for everyday life. Our style embodies boho-chic to edgy, romantic to dressy all the while making it seem effortless ("

We love our dresses from Salt & Arrow, the "Couture Swing Dress" and the "Playful Ruffle Mini Dress" flow so beautifully and can be worn anywhere because they can easily be dressed up or down. Every time we wear these feminine, flirty dresses, we get comments on where they can be purchased.

The "Pretty Fit and Flare Dress" in Navy and Ivory are such classy dresses because of the way they fit and the colors that they come in. Dressing these up with colored pumps, we wore them to show how they can be styled through the use of different colors.

We have been wearing these dresses on repeat this Fall. Easy, yet pretty dresses are our go-to for our everyday outfits. Shop this amazing online store to find pretty clothes for amazing outfits!

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"Leota makes easy to wear printed dresses for everyone.  You never have to wear a dress, but stick with us and you’ll be happy you did, Flattering, Colorful, Effortless ("

Leota's mission is about art, dressing for the part, treating others right, and ultimately, changing the world." We love this and their beautiful dresses that do just that. A dress that can make every woman with any body-type look good has to be a keeper.

We chose to wear the Navy polka-dot mini wrap dress and the Ember Glow mini wrap dress. We love the way these dresses are effortless, yet look so put together. Not only are they the perfect dress for fall, but they are perfect year-round. Shop these looks and more with the links below.

( Click the link below to view the Maroon Wrap dress. )

( Navy Powder Confetti Dot wrap dress is now sold out, click the link for a similar print. )

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Aquila Grayscale

"Aquila Grayscale is a lifestyle brand featuring designs in a monochrome color palette. Each design is a reflection of how I see the world behind the shade of life circumstances (Aquila"

We love the way this brand has a concept and history behind each of their designs. Aquila Grayscale's overall concept has something special that is transferred into their creations. We love the way the shirts we chose to wear each have their own unique vibe. Not only are these shirts cute, but they are equally as comfortable. Shop these tees and more in the link below!

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bar iii

Bar III is a classic yet contemporary brand sold at Macy's.

We love the Lace-Trim Slip Dress and the Lace Tunic that we are wearing in the photos below. We decided to wear these beautiful dresses to brunch at Café Gratitude in downtown San Diego. We really like how these dresses compliment one another with the black color scheme and high, side-slits. Not only are these comfortable, slip-on dresses, but they look beautiful too. To us, black and lace are such a classic combination and both of these dresses have that timeless feel to them that we will be wearing for years to come. Shop these lovely dresses and more in the links below!

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Dezzal Lace Dresses

Working with Dezzal is always so fun because we get to choose anything we love from their online website. With their wide selection of clothes and pretty dresses, we always like to choose something unique. For this look, we decided on similar lace dresses. Each dress has pretty details that makes it special and different from anything we currently own. We love the way the bright pink and blue colors play off each other. The dresses are covered up enough to fit into the fall season and yet still colorful enough to make for a pretty picture!

Getting to dress up and style Dezzal's dresses is always an experience that we love sharing with our followers!

To shop the Blue Crochet Dress, click the link below!

The lace, pink dress is now sold out. Click the link below to shop a similar style!

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moss & honey

"Effortless, flattering, easy wash and wear, honey & moss carries a great euro-boho fashion line that every women can wear."

We love the way moss & honey carries such comfortable and cute ready-to-wear items. We chose the Raglan top in the stripe and teal because of their cute mix-and-match prints and colors.

We decided to wear these cute tops to Sequoia National Park because we knew we needed to be comfortable and casual while walking around the park. The baseball, athletic look and cut of these shirts made our outfits cute while still being casual. Getting to visit Sequoia for our first time was an amazing experience that every one should do at least once in their life. We felt these shirts were perfect to wear while experiencing such a magical place.

Shop these looks and more with the links below!

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