How to: Monochromatic Layered Looks

Lately, we love layering similar-colored pieces to create monochromatic looks. To us, this adds a really chic look to our outfits. We achieve this look either: when the fabrics are different, but in the same shade, or by just layering the same fabrics but in different shades of the same color.

For example, the photo shoot below, for both looks, we layered all Forever 21 pieces. The orange look is layered with the same shade and color but with different fabrics. Usually, with a monochromatic look, we style with mainly neutral shoes, bags, and hair accessories.

F21 1.JPG
F21 2.JPG
F21 3.JPG
F21 4.JPG
F21 5.JPG
F21 6.JPG
F21 7.JPG
F21 8.JPG
F21 9.JPG