Blank Spaces!

Collaborating with amazing photographer, Rosalinda, from My One Sweet Rose Photography, is always a treat for us! For this shoot, we incorporated one of our { as much again } pieces. We absolutely love how these photos turned out because of the neutral affect they have. Since { as much again } is a very feminine label, the over-exposed, natural light look is absolutely perfect! We decided that the arch ways by the amphitheater at Balboa Park was the perfect place.

The shorter dress is from ZARA while the longer, tan slip dress is from our collection. This particular piece was layered under a fringed skirt for the FWSD16 Runway Show. We hope you all love these photos as much as we do!

MOSR 1.jpg
MOSR 2.jpg
MOSR 3.jpg
MOSR 4.jpg
MOSR 5.jpg
MOSR 6.jpg
MOSR 7.jpg
MOSR 8.jpg
MOSR 9.jpg
MOSR 10.jpg

xx M&M