Are Co-Ord "Sets" this Year's Must-Have?

Each year in fashion, there is a new trend that everyone wears. For us, this years' seems to be sets (or two-pieced outfits). The reason sets are so trendy, is because when wearing a set, they look and seem like you are wearing a dress. It's crazy to now see a "tab" on online stores' websites where you can shop for only co-ord sets now. The reason a set is different than wearing a dress, is because with a set, the top and skirt match. The fabric, print, and color matches, rather than the top and skirt being completely different components in your wardrobe.

For the transition into the Fall/Winter seasons, we've seen sets that use a blazer as the top with matching shorts/skirt for the bottom garment. Being in SoCal, we can get away with wearing the crop top and skirt sets pretty much year-round, but styled with a sweater or jacket. A set can be worn many ways by taking just the crop top and wearing it with jeans as well to create a different look.

These sets are both from Dishee Fashion and we love them! We love how both have a different print, yellow gingham and polka dots which are both great for transitioning into Fall. Shop these looks and more with the links above.

Sets posted.JPG
Sets 1.JPG
Sets 3.JPG
Sets 4a.JPG
Sets mere.JPG
Sets 5a.JPG
Sets 6a.JPG
Sets mere 2.JPG

xx M&M