Floral Maxi Dress Dreams

Shooting at Balboa Park, San Diego, near their Japanese Botanical Gardens, Rosalinda, our lovely photographer from My One Sweet Rose did an amazing job. The delicate way the photos are edited makes them so beautiful and soft! We were hoping to get into the actual Japanese Gardens to shoot with all the florals and greenery, but it didn't work out with our shoot schedule this time. Although Balboa Park is one of the most touristy spots in all of San Diego, it is also one of the most beautiful areas to make a day out of.

These gorgeous dresses were shipped out to use all the way from Laredo, Texas! These Shop Sara Laredo floral, maxi dresses were gifted to us and we were surprised with how well they went with the Japanese-themed vibe we were going for. Shop with the link to their Facebook, online shop, to find these and other amazing dresses and outfits!

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