Gingham, Lace & Introvert Grace

( Insight from true introverts )

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With this post, we wanted to talk about something a little more personal to us. This subject revolves around us being introverts. Everyone know the difference between an introvert and an extrovert, but we've written up a few things that we have come to understand over the last few years. In graduate school, for our MBA, we had to take multiple tests to better understand our personality so that we could be good managers in a professional setting. After each test, time and time again, we ranked to be true introverts.

Sometimes we feel like we are not understood, and in some ways, even misunderstood. Being an introvert does not mean that we are anti-social, it just means that we are socially stimulated differently than extroverts.

It's sometimes hard to understand us because we take things so internally- that means from what we process all the way to what we feel (emotionally). In some ways, it may even make us feel more than most because everything is felt internally, not expressed outwardly in any way. From an outward perspective, some people may take this as being distant or unapproachable. If you want to get to know an introvert, be persistent, be patient, we like to think it'll be worth the wait ;)

For extroverts, introverts seem quiet and shy, and this is can be true, but often it's just that we process things internally which is the opposite of what an extrovert does. We (introverts) feel stressed when around lots of people or are pressured to socialize when in the midst of a big gathering. This is often the way that extroverts get their energy from, when they are around lots of people is when they feel comfortable.

Some people are extroverted-introverts, for example, they don't shut down when they're in huge crowds or are around a lot of people, but still need their individual space. 

Often times, introverts enjoy being alone, however, in our case, we grew up always being together- (being twins, someone is always around) so we don't need alone time all too much. As a result, this is why we do better in smaller groups, or one-on-one. This has caused us to be extremely loyal to the ones who are closest to us.

We felt the need to share this post because we have learned so much about ourselves being introverts, and hope that it can bring some insight to some of you as well.

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