Two-Year Blogiversary

It was our Insta-Blog's two-year anniversary a couple weeks ago, so we wanted to write a little bit about why we started! As we have stated in the About section of our blog, one of our most asked questions (besides the perpetual twin questions) is about our clothes and where we like to shop. During our college undergrad years, we were asked by classmates and other random students to start a blog featuring our "daily outfits." Our daily outfit posts have turned into so much more today. We now feature campaigns with styled photoshoots, beauty posts, our fitness regimen, along with our ootd (outfits of the day).

Almost every single day, we get Instagram DM's asking about how we style our hair, which restaurant or store we were at, etc. Being able to interact with our followers and having them be inspired by us never gets old. We love being able to collaborate with companies, create content, and style our outfits to how we would wear them in actuality.

Watching our blog grow and meeting so many new people and fashion influencers who inspire us every day has been amazing! Since we were little girls, fashion has always been a passion of ours. not only do we like to wear and promote other company's clothes, but we have been motivated to create our own clothing label, { as much again }. 

Being here in beautiful Boise, ID for a week and being with our newborn baby niece, has been incredible. We have loved every moment spending time with our niece, nephew and family. We took some photos lounging in these cute and comfy LuLu's dresses because they have just perfectly matched our mood these last few days.

xx M&M