Work It Out

Based on popular vote, we've decided to outline our workout routine for you all. After finishing up with our Collegiate Track & Field years, we no longer workout every single day, nor have an exact workout routine that is planned out for us. Thus, we have to make due with our memory and rehash what we were taught during our athletic years with our various coaches.

Wearing all Strut-This workout gear in the pictures below, it helps us be more motivated when we wear cute and comfortable active wear while working out! It is good to switch up your workout routine so your muscle memory does not restrict new muscle growth and ability. We try to workout around 2-3 times each week depending on our schedule, but on a typical day, this is our workout routine:

Hill Repeats:

3 sets x 200meters running uphill

1 set x 400meters jog cool-down

Plyo Workout:

3 sets x 10 Squats

2 sets x 20 Jumping Lunges

2 sets x Planks ( Hold for 1+ minute )

1 set x 10 Push-Ups

3 sets x 50 Crunches

We hope this helps you as much as it helps us with our workout goals!

xx M&M