Birthday Weekend!

Being twins, we have always shared our birthday. People ask us all the time if we like sharing a birthday? And our response is always, "We don't know anything different." Since we share most things, it doesn't seem odd to us that we need to share the limelight for our special day. In fact, we feel that it makes it that much more special to share it with your best friend.

We went to Hollywood, Los Angeles, to celebrate our birthday for the weekend. We've always wanted to visit Harry Potter Land in Universal Studios, so that's what we did! Harry Potter has always been one of our favorite book series, movies, and characters. We had so much fun exploring the theme park and drinking butter beer - which is super yummy!

We wore the cutest outfits for our birthday dinner at a delicious sushi restaurant. We love the way they match one another with the high neckline and short length. Wild Dove, an adorable boutique down in the heart of San Diego, sells the cutest clothes. All of the brands they sell have originated here in California. Shop our looks and check out their website, Wild Dove Boutique.

xx M&M