My One Sweet Rose Photography

Our shoot with Rosalinda, from My One Sweet Rose Photo was exceptional! This amazing photographer reached out to us from Dallas, Texas and she wanted to meet with us while she was on vacation here in San Diego. Although we had never met before, we had a real connection with her as a photographer. Being able to convey what we both wanted from the shoot was great. One thing we all were excited about was taking photos during golden hour at the beach. It was so fun to see how many people we attracted while shooting! Because of all the onlookers, we felt that the location must have looked as perfect as we thought it did. The photos turned out even better than we dreamed! We would recommend Rosalinda for any type of photography you desire. We would absolutely love to work with Rosalinda again someday.

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The three companies we were collaborating with were: Shein, Nidodileda, and BIKINIbox. These companies are all tagged on our Instagram photos. We felt the beach location was perfect for all of these companies and the products that we were promoting!

xx M&M