Ringuet - Off to The Races

"Ringuet is an Australian luxury brand inspired by the journey within and the destination ahead. The label is known for its romantic creations and timeless designs, and each Ringuet piece reveals a story: The freedom to express yourself through custom prints, vibrant colours, and beautiful craftsmanship (Ringuet.com)." Being artists ourselves, we love how Ringuet uses an actual artist to design the print as well as the cut of each piece he creates.

Having the opportunity to work with Ringuet was so special because we met up with the owners at a coffee shop in downtown San Diego to discuss our collaboration. They had just arrived from Australia, and they were telling us how they enjoyed that San Diego reminded them of where they were from. We love that Ringuet dresses are usually worn to special occasions and a lot of times, to the horse races in Australia. Thus, we had the idea to wear these beautiful dresses to Opening Day at the Del Mar Race Track later that month. Del Mar gave us special passes to be a part of opening day and gave us all-access entrance into everything including the Thoroughbred Club located on the top terrace. We got to experience opening day with our good friend and photographer, Jessica Walker, which was so much fun!

Jessica Walker, took all our pictures for this event and collaboration. We always have so much fun when we work together, and the photos always turn out great. Getting the opportunity to also collaborate with Blush Tan again was perfect because their event, "And away we glow," gave Blush tans to many bloggers here in San Diego helping us look extra bronzed for Del Mar's Opening Day at the races.

Wearing the Black Books Wrap Front Dress and the Abstract Signature Dresses, we matched them to our fasteners that we got from an online Etsy shop called, BeChicAccessories. These dresses are absolutely beautiful and fit so perfectly with the look that we were going for. We ultimately fell in love with our Ringuet dresses, much less every piece that Ringuet creates!

Ringuet dresses and skirts are perfect for any wedding or special event because it will make you feel uniquly beautiful.

xx M&M