Splendid Campaign

The "Spreading Softness" Campaign by Splendid was such a privilege to be a part of. The Splendid crew as well as the production crew made us feel so crucial and like a needed aspect of their overall purpose. Getting to spend most of the day in LA with the crew was a welcoming experience for our first video campaign for a major company.

When asked what "Spreading Softness" meant to us, we felt that it was about treating others with love and compassion. Thus, the production crew thought it would be a fun idea to have us unexpectedly call our parents and see what they would say when we asked them 'how their day was going.' Overall, because our family means so much to us, this showed in our expressions and Father's reaction to our call and was used in the Campaign.

"Spreading Softness" can mean a variety of things, and so this campaign helps depict through the eyes of normal people, how the little things in life can mean so much to someone's day, mood, and overall happiness.

Click the link below to watch the "Spreading Softness" Splendid Campaign

xx M&M