Blush Tan Collaboration

Blush Tan, a company who showcases in organic, sunless tanning, is our solution to a perfect tan without having the risk of sun damage. Having this opportunity to collaborate with a company who cares about their customers' health makes it that much more meaningful to us. Every time we receive a Blush Tan airbrush experience, it is a fast and efficient process. Blush Tan makes it easy and convenient to get that natural "back-from-the-beach" glow.

Being bloggers, we feel it is important to look our best when we promote and represent other companies, so being able to get these perfect "glows" has really been beneficial for us and our blog. Whenever we have on a Blush Tan, we get so many compliments on how realistic and sun-kissed the tan looks. We've received a Blush Tan four times so far, and we truly recommend getting one of their tans to enjoy the same results that we do!

Listed below are a few pictures that we believe show off our tans the best!

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Hope you loved this post!

xx M&M