Tobi Collaboration

Getting the opportunity to collaborate with Tobi was thrilling for us, because we have shopped at Tobi's online store ever since we were young girls. It was incredible to hear from them and for them to offer us this chance to help advocate for their company. Since we got to choose what we wanted to wear to promote for Tobi, we chose a few outfits that we felt we could do something creative with. It's always fun when we get to match our dresses or outfits, and the company has the style in multiple colors. With Tobi, this happens a lot, because most of their clothes are offered in at least two color options. Styling this shoot was inspiring, because we wanted to create a visual experience for our followers. Whether it was through the clothes, styling, posing, or overall atmosphere of the photos, we wanted to make sure to mesmerize our audience with unique themes!

We worked with the talented, San Diego fashion blogger- photographer, Henry Young, for this collaborative shoot. Wanting to bring out the summer feel that these clothes possess, we felt that a beach shoot would be perfect. We decided on the Torrey Pines State Beach location because it is so beautiful and is one of our favorites!

Another collaboration we have going, is with Blush Tan Company. In order to embody the entire summer ambiance, a deep tan is what gave us the finishing touch on our looks. Blush Tan is an organic, sunless tanning solution that provides that super authentic, sun-kissed look that every girl desires. 

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