Dainty Jewells and "How to Layer"

Layering for Different Lengths of Dresses & Skirts

"Dainty Jewell's is about more than just selling beautiful clothing. We are on a mission to provide every woman and girl the opportunity to choose timeless fashions that stay true to her sense of modesty (DaintyJewells.com)." We love Dainty Jewell's unique clothes, their soft colors, lacey textures, and feminine details that perfectly fit in with our style.

Layering is one of our favorite fall styles, and we used these basic Dainty Jewell's silhouettes to perfect our looks! To be able to get this "layered look," it all comes down to balance. For us, this includes accessories, colors, textures and the length of each layer that is added.

With a short-length dress or skirt, we tend to pair it with a longer sweater or jacket so the balance of skin-to-fabric ratio is equal. 

For a mid-length dress or skirt, any length of sweater usually will work, especially when paired with a belt to cut the proportions so it doesn't end up an awkward length or silhouette.

For a maxi-type dress or skirt, we usually will pair a cropped sweater, leather jacket, or denim jacket to make the proportions look right and accentuate the length of our legs.

We hope our styling tips for layering all lengths of dresses and skirts is helpful! Shop other cute, layering dresses like these with the link below!

xx M&M