Shabby Apple Holiday Collaboration

Shabby Apple, an online clothing boutique, is one of our favorite Holiday Collaborations that we have had the privilege of working with this season. With their statement dresses and skirts, we were very excited to collaborate with them to create a festive and colorful setting. 

We absolutely love the holidays and begin celebrating them as soon as we can! From listening to Christmas carols and decorating, we don't waste time on that next day after Halloween is over. Once Thanksgiving rolls around, Christmas is on our minds before the holiday even ends. We try not to be too annoying about this slight obsession of ours, but, like these photos show, we go all out when it comes to the many festivities that go along with this time of the year!

The "Nutcracker" dresses that we are wearing, are in pink and navy. These are some of our favorite colors, although, there are other colors and styles of this dress available. We got these Asos bow heels over the summer and fell totally in love with them because of their funky-yet-adorable style. Lastly, our Kate Spade handbags were a gift we got one another for our Graduation present this summer. These Kate Spade handbags, the "Cedar Street-Maise Satchel" is now 33% off on! This is an amazing deal, because of the quality and color options that this bag offers.

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We hope you enjoyed this festive post!

xx M&M