True Religion Brand Collaboration Shoot

Hello! And thank you for visiting our blog, and reading our first blog post!

The day we reached 5,000 followers was the day we decided that we needed to create a blog so our followers can better understand what we represent.

Since it is our first post, we want to enlighten you all about who we are. Although most people know us as "The Twins," we are so much more. Growing up, we always had the twin/sister/double-trouble thing going for us, but we are still very much our own people. Being a twin can sometimes create tension or competition with one another, yet we always try to make this competition as constructive as possible. Being able to build on each other’s accomplishments is what has helped mold us into the individuals we are today.

Surprisingly enough  sports was what took up most of our time. This comes as a shock for many people, because we may look too "girly" to go shoot hoops with the guys or be able to jump and hurdle around the track. Having this competitive, athletic edge is what has built our personalities and confidence. Being able to go out and take control of what we want, while being successful in doing so, has always been a particular aspiration for us.

We started our, "Your Daly Dose," Instagram blog so that we could have an outlet where we can express our passion for fashion, along with our love for life and all things inspirational. Fashion has always had a place in our hearts because of the way it encompasses who you are. We love the quote, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” by Rachel Zoe.

In the past, our creative outlet was always visual arts such as painting. However, we recently taught ourselves to sew and, as a result, are constructing our own clothing designs. Over the summer, wehad the opportunity to go to Arizona, where our grandparents live. In a few short days, our grandmother and Aunt helped teach us the basics of sewing. Along with art and fashion design, the creation of this blog is yet another creative outlet we are loving.

Only starting our Instagram eight months ago, we feel it has been pretty successful. Our goal is to bring inspiration to our followers through encouraging posts and helpful fashion advice. We have had numerous collaborations with various companies through our Instagram blog, and we are excited to see what is in store for our blog’s future.

When True Religion reached out to us to collaborate with them through our Instagram blog, we were so excited! Having the opportunity to go to the True Religion store in the Fashion Valley mall and pick out several outfits was an unbelievable experience for us. We were privileged to get to work with Marc, our amazing, local photographer who found us through our Instagram. Having him be able to capture that stunning golden hour light in Old Town, San Diego, was our favorite part of the shoot. 

Below, we added some photos of our True Religion collaboration shoot. All photos are taken by Marc. Instagram: explr.unlmtd

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We hope you have enjoyed our first post and thank you for taking the time to read it!

xx M&M