Our Favorite Fall Trends

We feel that the Fall season here in Southern California can at times be tricky to dress for, while still being comfortable. Sometimes it can be warm for the majority of the Fall Season, thus, creating Fall-themed outfits can be a little complicated.

One of our tricks, is just to wear a Summer dress and add a sweater with booties to create the perfect outfit! The color of the outfit can also help to make it look more weather-appropriate. Whether it be jewel-tones or just an overall darker color-scheme, these are a couple ways to warm up your look without actually putting on layers. Sometimes we wish that this Season had more cool and crisp days, but we still love the season!

Our dresses are from Shop Tobi and everything else is linked on our Instagram!

These photos are all taken by Rose from My One Sweet Rose Photography. As you all know by now, she is one of our favorite photographers and we love shooting with her whenever she is in town. Having an amazing photographer can make all the difference in a shoot. When creativity and skill are involved, amazing things happen!

The location of this shoot was in Rancho Santa Fe, where they have the cutest restaurants and architecture. The plants, lights, and ambiance of this little town always amazes us. We hope you love these photos as much as we do!

MOSR Fixed-3.jpg
MOSR Details Fixed-2.jpg
MOSR close Fixed-2-2.jpg
MOSR Close Up Fixed_edited-1-2 Cropped.jpg
MOSR Tile Fixed-2.jpg

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Fall Season Nordstrom Sale!

As most of you know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is currently going on!

We have been shopping at Nordstrom since high school, and these annual sales for the upcoming season is always so fun! Thinking about the next season and the newest trends and colors of Fall time is always fun for us.

We collaborated with Nordstrom and DREAMERS by Debut with these cute transitional sweaters for Fall. We've had these sweaters for a couple months now and we absolutely love them! These colors- white and raspberry, are perfect for late Summer and early Fall days and nights. They are so cozy, we recommend getting them asap, shop these are more currently at Nordstrom!

Be sure to enter our giveaway here!

Sweaters 2.jpg
Sweaters 1.jpg
Sweaters 3.jpg
Sweaters 4.jpg


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Woven Chevron // Giveaway Entrance

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We love being able to wear  both designer brands and trendy fashion brands interchangeably. For this particular shoot, Meredith is wearing a Missoni dress while Marissa is wearing a ZARA maxi dress. Although they are both chevron print, they are at completely different price points.  We really love that we found the perfect Italian-ambiance location to shoot these looks! The lighting was so beautiful against the tall trees which gave the most magical effect to our photos!

For us, Italy is where we would like to travel to next! Although we were in Florence, Italy for one day while on a cruise, we want to explore all the other beautiful cities Italy has to offer. This photoshoot with these dresses and prints really gave us the yearing to want to travel. Hopefully one day we will be able to travel to this amazing country! 


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Florals on Cooper St.

These dresses from Cooper St., are amazing! We love the fun colors and patterns of their clothes- which can be found at Nordstrom in-store and online. The dresses that we chose are so unique, flattering, and perfect for springtime! Australian brands have always been a favorite for us. Ever since we were in College Undergrad, we have been online shopping at Australian brands like: PepperMayo and SaboSkirt. We love the way Australian clothes seem to have a unique look to them that is a little bit different from American brands.

Since it is still spring, we love pairing bright dresses and prints with fun heels and accessories. Since both patterns and colors in these dresses are so vibrant, we chose to pair them with coordinating heels and clutches. The feminine ruffles on both dresses also add something special to these particular dresses.

Shop Cooper St., for all your spring and wedding season needs! We know you will love this company as much as we do!


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What to Wear For a Spring Day in SoCal!

Getting Spring-ready isn't too hard..at least for us SoCal residents. All you really need is to style a mixture of your Summer and Fall clothes. We're talking: floral & citrus prints, wrap dresses, straw bags, bright pumps, and flowy maxi dresses & sets.

It can sometimes be chilly during Spring, so any light or cozy sweater paired with a cute, Summer dress can make for the perfect outfit. We also love wearing chunky knits paired with a skirt or maxi dress to give our outfits versatility for any type of weather. Although we are not as much denim girls as we are dress girls, our go-to is always a cute top or blouse. This way, your jeans can instantly be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and shoes that you pair with the outfit.

For shoes, we always go for sandals, flats, espadrilles, or some cute sneakers to pair with our Spring outfits. Check out our Instagram to see how we've styled so many Spring looks that follow these tips!

DSW blog 1.jpg
DSW blog 3.jpg
DSW 3 fixed.jpg
Lush 1 Fixed-3.jpg
Lush 2.JPG
Forum fixed-5.jpg

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What to Wear For the Holiday Season?

We absolutely love this magical, festive, and romantic season for so many reasons! We love how there is so much to be thankful of, and with all the decorations, music, and ambiance of the holiday season, we can be daily reminded. The yummy treats, family time, special events, and mindset makes us so happy!

But since we are a fashion/Lifestyle Blog, we thought we could share with you all some of our favorite and easy ways to brighten and accessorize your wardrobe for this time of the year. Just by adding some tights and a headband to your outfit creates a feeling that you put a lot of thought into your look. It can be as simple as just wearing a dress with a little shimmer or shine as well. To dress down a textured dress, just add a chunky-knitted sweater or cardigan, and you will instantly have a look that you will love!

Another tip we use so much, is our hair. If we have a more simple outfit on, we like to dress-up our hair. Weather it be a fun braid, bouncy curls, or even just a cute hair accessory, our entire look can be transformed!

Below, we have listed a few ideas to keep in mind while picking out an outfit:

Chunky Sweaters

Over-the-Knee Boots

Metallic Dresses

Hair Accessories


Jewel-Toned Colors

Fun Tights

Cute Hair-Do's

These particular dresses are from Solaris Style, the lilac, floral dress and metallic, fuchsia dress are so fun and perfect for any Holiday event!

We hope these Holiday tips help you as you prepare for this festive season!

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Mozart's Requiem

Experiencing Mozart's Requiem was so amazing for us! We have become big fans of classical music since attending the San Diego Symphony, and this concert was spectacular. The symphony and chorale were both unbelievable to listen to, we felt we were in a dream the whole way through. The Requiem is famous for Mozart’s powerful and moving choral tapestry and dark sonorities.

Attending this concert during the holidays made it so fun, because we went to dinner before and made a whole night out of it! We dressed up with heels and leather jackets to complete our holiday-inspired looks. These particular outfits were just a mix of items from our closets and all have previously been blogged about and posted on our Instagram this year.

We hope you too get to experience a symphony concert for yourself!


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Fall Leaves at Golden Hour

We woke up at 5:00 AM in order to shoot these Chicwish looks during morning, golden hour. These similar outfits are styled differently because of the colors and booties, but they are both great on their own too! We love the black and orange blouses because of the bird print and bubble sleeves with long tassel ties. The black and burgundy pleather mini skirts are a cute A-Line fit and a super comfortable, soft fabric.  

It's always amazing to see the Autumn golden light peek through the fall trees. While shooting these looks, we had fun trying to capture action shots that showcased both the golden light and the textures of these looks. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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The Ruffle Shuffle

These Chicwish, double-layered ruffle blouse are the perfect top to wear for any occasion. Not only are the bright white and mauve colors really gorgeous, but the chiffon fabric makes them feel and look so delicate.Our jeans are from FashioNova and we love them because they are so comfortable! The soft fabric, length, and high-waisted aspects of these jeans create perfection for us.

These going-out looks make the perfect outfits for going out to dinner during the fall season. We really like how versatile both our tops and jeans are, because we like to style them differently. Although we do not wear jeans too often, we are pretty particular with which ones we wear. Because we are fairly tall with an athletic build, it is hard for us to find jeans that fit right, thus, we usually opt for a dress. After shooting these looks, we went out to dinner with our family and had the most delicious meal. We hope you like these looks as much as we do!

Chic 2.jpg

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Blank Spaces!

Collaborating with amazing photographer, Rosalinda, from My One Sweet Rose Photography, is always a treat for us! For this shoot, we incorporated one of our { as much again } pieces. We absolutely love how these photos turned out because of the neutral affect they have. Since { as much again } is a very feminine label, the over-exposed, natural light look is absolutely perfect! We decided that the arch ways by the amphitheater at Balboa Park was the perfect place.

The shorter dress is from ZARA while the longer, tan slip dress is from our collection. This particular piece was layered under a fringed skirt for the FWSD16 Runway Show. We hope you all love these photos as much as we do!

MOSR 1.jpg
MOSR 2.jpg
MOSR 3.jpg
MOSR 4.jpg
MOSR 5.jpg
MOSR 6.jpg
MOSR 7.jpg
MOSR 8.jpg
MOSR 9.jpg
MOSR 10.jpg

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Are Co-Ord "Sets" this Year's Must-Have?

Each year in fashion, there is a new trend that everyone wears. For us, this years' seems to be sets (or two-pieced outfits). The reason sets are so trendy, is because when wearing a set, they look and seem like you are wearing a dress. It's crazy to now see a "tab" on online stores' websites where you can shop for only co-ord sets now. The reason a set is different than wearing a dress, is because with a set, the top and skirt match. The fabric, print, and color matches, rather than the top and skirt being completely different components in your wardrobe.

For the transition into the Fall/Winter seasons, we've seen sets that use a blazer as the top with matching shorts/skirt for the bottom garment. Being in SoCal, we can get away with wearing the crop top and skirt sets pretty much year-round, but styled with a sweater or jacket. A set can be worn many ways by taking just the crop top and wearing it with jeans as well to create a different look.

These sets are both from Dishee Fashion and we love them! We love how both have a different print, yellow gingham and polka dots which are both great for transitioning into Fall. Shop these looks and more with the links above.

Sets posted.JPG
Sets 1.JPG
Sets 3.JPG
Sets 4a.JPG
Sets mere.JPG
Sets 5a.JPG
Sets 6a.JPG
Sets mere 2.JPG

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Shore Love These Maxis

Spending time in La Jolla, San Diego, is one of our favorite things to do year-round. If you watch our InstaStories, you know that this particular day, we made reservations to have dinner by the ocean at The Crab Catcher. Since we got to the restaurant early, we took photos wearing these amazing dresses from Blush Elegance where we were overlooking the ocean. We had an amazing 180 degree view of the La Jolla Ocean during our dinner experience.

The maxi dresses that we wore to dinner were perfect for the occasion. The pink maxi skirt and off-the-shoulder crop top has a bird of paradise print that we love because it is so summery and romantic feeling. The tiered, printed maxi dress has multiple-colored palm leaves covering the entire dress that blows beautifully in the wind.

Overall, it was a wonderful night in an amazing place. Shop these dresses and other beautiful pieces using the links above!

Shop Blush Boutique 1.JPG
Shop Blush Boutique 2.JPG
Shop Blush Boutique 5.JPG
Shop Blush Boutique 6.JPG
Shop Blush Boutique 4.JPG
Shop Blush Boutique 7.JPG
Shop Blush Boutique 8.JPG
Shop Blush Boutique 9.JPG
Shop Blush Boutique 10.JPG
Shop Blush Boutique 11.JPG

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Floral Maxi Dress Dreams

Shooting at Balboa Park, San Diego, near their Japanese Botanical Gardens, Rosalinda, our lovely photographer from My One Sweet Rose did an amazing job. The delicate way the photos are edited makes them so beautiful and soft! We were hoping to get into the actual Japanese Gardens to shoot with all the florals and greenery, but it didn't work out with our shoot schedule this time. Although Balboa Park is one of the most touristy spots in all of San Diego, it is also one of the most beautiful areas to make a day out of.

These gorgeous dresses were shipped out to use all the way from Laredo, Texas! These Shop Sara Laredo floral, maxi dresses were gifted to us and we were surprised with how well they went with the Japanese-themed vibe we were going for. Shop with the link to their Facebook, online shop, to find these and other amazing dresses and outfits!

Shop Sara Laredo 2.jpg
Shop Sara Laredo 1.jpg
Shop Sara Laredo 3.jpg
Shop Sara Laredo 4.jpg
Shop Sara Laredo 5.jpg
Shop Sara Laredo 6.jpg
shop Sara Laredo 7.jpg

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Graceful Lace

Words can't describe how much we love these photos that we took with Rosalinda, our sweet photographer, for these Chicwish looks. This is the second time shooting together, and each time seems to get better and better. The location we chose was the Rose Garden at Balboa Park in San Diego and it matched the vibe we were going for perfectly!

If there's one thing we love in a dress, it is lace! Lace brings out the grace and femininity in any clothing piece. The white and red contrast between the dresses we wore compliments the rose garden and colors. We hope you love these photos as much as we do! Shop similar dresses to ours with the links below, happy shopping!

Similar lace dresses from Chicwish are listed below: (Click the Links)

White Midi Dress                        Black Asymmetrical Dress                       Red Lace Dress    

Red Sheer Lace Dress               White Cross-Back Lace Dress

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Roses in the Garden of Life

We love short and printed outfits for Summer and this Tanapama dress and romper are perfect for any occasion. The ruffled dress has a purple rose print all over it, while the romper is off-the-shoulder, with big red roses. They look so cute together that we decided to photograph them in an actual rose garden. We love the shiny fabric because it adds an unexpected shine to the print!

We styled these looks with heeled sandals and our hair back so we could show off all the cute details. Another way to style these would be with flat sandals, a belt, and a light sweater for more coverage. Our looks are both still available in all sizes! Shop these looks and more with the links above, happy shopping!

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And We're Off to The Races

We had the opportunity to attend Opening Day at the Del Mar Races for yet another year! Wearing the perfect occasion dresses from Jarlo London, we loved floating around the venue in these dreamy dresses! The white dress has bows tied up at the shoulder with dreamy chiffon tucked under the lace corset, while the pink dress has romantic ruffles and drapery tied up with a bow around the waist. Click the links to shop the most beautiful Eveningwear from Jarlo London!

Opening day has been an annual tradition for us for the past five years now, and it never fails to impress us. The overall ambiance of the crowds of people being dressed up to the nines wearing fun hats, dresses, and tuxes, we just love the fashion of it all.

Our close friend and photographer, Jessica, shot all our photos for this event. We always have so much fun together whether we're finding the perfect shoot location, people watching, or snow-cone snacking.

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Twirly Skirts & Desert Perks

We absolutely LOVE these amazing sets from Z&L Europe. The crop tops  are so cute with the off-the-shoulder cut and pom poms lining the ruffle. The maxi skirts are so comfortable with the slit up front and super lightweight fabric. We wore these sets to Arizona, where it was over 110 degrees and these outfits looked and felt like a dream!

We love anything that creates movement-especially for our photos. We whirled and twirled these skirts and had a blast doing it! Our location was at The Pointe Hilton in Phoenix, Arizona. The desert colors of our outfits matched the hotel's ambiance and created the most perfect photos!

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5-Way Hankerchief Scarf Styling

We love to accessorize our looks using a cute handkerchief scarf! It seems everyone is styling their scarves in so many different ways this summer, so we decided to show you some great and unexpected ways to style yours!

Below, we are wearing ZARA dresses and Public Desire, strappy heels.

Below are five different ways to style any handkerchief scarf! (See photos below)

1.) Hair tie: Tie in a bow, or wrap around a ponytail.

2.) Purse Accessory: Add some color to your bag by tying it around a handle.

3.) Wrist Band: Tie it around your wrist for an unexpected accessory.

4.) Headband: Wrap and tie around your head to pull hair back.

5.) Bun Accessory: Wrap around your bun for a unique hairstyle.

Have fun styling! (To scroll, click the picture on the right)

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Gingham, Lace & Introvert Grace

( Insight from true introverts )

We love this newest gingham print trend! What a fun, summer print that looks chic and cute on everyone! Find these amazing outfits all from Chicwish!

With this post, we wanted to talk about something a little more personal to us. This subject revolves around us being introverts. Everyone know the difference between an introvert and an extrovert, but we've written up a few things that we have come to understand over the last few years. In graduate school, for our MBA, we had to take multiple tests to better understand our personality so that we could be good managers in a professional setting. After each test, time and time again, we ranked to be true introverts.

Sometimes we feel like we are not understood, and in some ways, even misunderstood. Being an introvert does not mean that we are anti-social, it just means that we are socially stimulated differently than extroverts.

It's sometimes hard to understand us because we take things so internally- that means from what we process all the way to what we feel (emotionally). In some ways, it may even make us feel more than most because everything is felt internally, not expressed outwardly in any way. From an outward perspective, some people may take this as being distant or unapproachable. If you want to get to know an introvert, be persistent, be patient, we like to think it'll be worth the wait ;)

For extroverts, introverts seem quiet and shy, and this is can be true, but often it's just that we process things internally which is the opposite of what an extrovert does. We (introverts) feel stressed when around lots of people or are pressured to socialize when in the midst of a big gathering. This is often the way that extroverts get their energy from, when they are around lots of people is when they feel comfortable.

Some people are extroverted-introverts, for example, they don't shut down when they're in huge crowds or are around a lot of people, but still need their individual space. 

Often times, introverts enjoy being alone, however, in our case, we grew up always being together- (being twins, someone is always around) so we don't need alone time all too much. As a result, this is why we do better in smaller groups, or one-on-one. This has caused us to be extremely loyal to the ones who are closest to us.

We felt the need to share this post because we have learned so much about ourselves being introverts, and hope that it can bring some insight to some of you as well.

xx M&M


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White Lace Crop Top                                                 White Crochet Top

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Gingham Skirt (in Red)                                               Gingham A-Line Skirt (in Red)

Basic Finds

Being a tourist in our own city for the day, we explored all that downtown San Diego has to offer. From delicious donuts, coffee, and lunch, to walking around SeaPort Village, we had the best day! These comfy maxi dresses from Forever 21 were perfect to wear and looked cute at the same time! We paired them with our Public Desire strappy sandals and monogramed clutches from Mon Purse to create this perfect summer look! Shop our whole look with the links provided!

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