Philips Satin Shave

We are very excited to be partnering with Philips and their amazing SatinShave Advanced. This is a premium electric shaver “designed for women who want a safer and more comfortable shave for sensitive skin (Philips).” We can honestly say that we get razor burn often after shaving, so this collaboration was the perfect fit for us. We love the stylish, cordless design of the shaver, but also because it is designed to provide smooth skin for the whole body. It can be used conveniently on wet or dry skin, and created for less cuts, bumps, and irritation.

Using this shaver for the last few months of Summer is perfect for our Hawaiian vacation coming up! It is the leading product for smooth skin and for the whole body, including legs, bikini area, and underarms, so we can have beautiful skin at all times.

With this photoshoot, we wanted to display the SatinShavers Advanced in a beautiful, relaxing setting to portray how the shavers make us feel. We love how this shoot turned out because we really are going to use these shavers and they make us feel beautiful just like our Instagram’s aesthetic and our overall Brand that we want to represent.

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Philips 1.jpg

xx M&M