Tenergy Body Fat Scale

Tenergy is known for creating the most innovative products to bring quality and convenience to any household. This is the most accurate body fat scale currently on the market, as well as the best body fat scale of 2019. We love that it can track your body composition through a user friendly app. We can also share this body scale between the two of us and get individual readings and results since the scale saves up to 10 users’ information. is that when we enter our height, age, etc. the scale outputs our: body fat percentage, eight, BMI, Muscle, hydration, Bone Density, BMR, Body Age, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Standard Weight, Body Fat, and Muscle Weight.

We are thankful that we live in a time when we are able to track and measure our health so easily. We truly believe everyone needs to do the same, and get this scale for health benefits. It would make an amazing gift for the Holidays as well! Our discount code 20% Off: dalydose20 (ends 12/17/2018) *Order before then and have it arrive before Christmas for Amazon Prime Users.

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